Choosing a Graphic Tee that Suits Your Yoga Practice

Finding a great graphic tee isn’t difficult, but do the shirts that you find on the end caps really match your yoga practice? Yogis could hunt forever to find the perfect graphic tees that are going to bring the right influence into their yoga practice. However, you don’t have to make this shopping process more difficult than necessary. You can purchase a great graphic tee that will perfectly complement your practice with just a few of these top tips.


Look for colors first.

The color of a shirt has the power to completely overwhelm your mind. It can heavily influence your prana energy and leave you with a more energized or grounded spirit if you choose wisely. Look for colors that give you the perfect embodiment of what you want from your yoga practice. Think about what your intention is for the practice before deciding on which colors might be the right fit for you.

For example, you might choose yellow if you’re working on cultivating joy. Red might be a great color if you need to harness more power or boldness in your daily life. Color has a major effect on your prana energy so be sure to take advantage of it by combining popular spring shades with your mantra.

Choose the right words.

You don’t want a yoga tee that says something that doesn’t feel very loving or in line with yogic philosophy. Make sure you take time to read the words that your shirt actually says instead of purchasing them just because you like the way they look. This can prevent you from having an outfit that doesn’t necessarily align with your principles or with your yoga practice. You might want a shirt that has just a single word on it that reminds you of your intention. Alternatively, it might be a phrase that you are coming to embody both on the mat and in your daily life.

Choose the words on your shirt very carefully. Apart from color, these can have the biggest impact on your outlook and how you view yourself during the yoga practice.

Purchase a shirt with the right cut.

Make sure that you can actually wear this graphic tee for your yoga practice. It might mean that you need looser fabric, a longer hemline, or a less revealing neckline. Don’t get so swept up in selecting the perfect pattern that you forget to choose a cut that you will actually be able to practice in. Look for graphic tees that come in a tunic length so they will be perfect for pairing with your favorite black yoga leggings.

Graphic tees have always been a trendy item to work into your wardrobe, but yogis have to be careful how these items can influence their overall yoga practice. Take these tips with you next time you go shopping to ensure that you purchase a yoga tee that will be ideal for any and all circumstances you might encounter.

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