Best Yoga Apps

We live in a world where we are constantly on the go and attached to the world around us through our phones, watches, and computers. We have apps on our phones for everything from counting steps and making lists to shopping apps. We are continually looking for ways to do the things we love from anywhere. There are apps for all types of workouts, yoga included. While yoga is often supposed to be about connecting to the world around us and not necessarily to our technology, we might want to take a moment out of our day to step back and calm our minds with some yoga. What more convenient way to do that than with an app. I’ve compiled a list of apps based on reviews and what they can be used for.

  • One of the most popular apps is Pocket Yoga. It has 4 ½ stars on both the Apple and Google Play stores. This app has 27 different sessions and, a pose dictionary and includes explanations of correct postures. It does cost $2.99 but is worth the price for all that you get!
  • If you’ve got any Apple products and want some daily inspiration, try the Daily Yoga Quotes app. You get a new quote each day to help you to focus and work on mindfulness.
  • Breathing is a huge aspect of yoga and helps your body through more challenging poses. If you’d like to work on your breathing throughout the day, there is an app called Universal Breathing – Pranayama. It is available on both iPhone and Android and has four or more stars on each. Working on your breath will help you alleviate stress, headaches, and possibly boost your energy.
  • If you’re a beginner and own an iPhone, the 5 Minute Yoga app is free and is an excellent introduction to yoga. The workouts are fast, and there is a timer to keep you on track. It will start you on a path to developing more flexibility and strength in your body.
  • If you want some of your own music while doing yoga at home, or if you have trouble falling asleep, you can try the Relax Melodies app. It has 50 different sounds and 4 brainwave sounds. You can also mix and match sounds to create your own. The relaxing sounds may help your mind to relax. The best news about this app is that it’s free and available on all mobile platforms.

While it is essential to disconnect from technology, we can also try and use it to our advantage sometimes. We live in a plugged-in society, so it’s important to try and use those resources positively rather than negatively. All of these apps will help with your yoga practice, which can, in turn, help you remain positive and upbeat throughout the day, allowing you to influence someone else positively! Apps can be like another accessory like your high-waisted leggings or yoga blocks. I hope you give these a try and can get something positive out of them. What apps do you use for yoga and other exercises?

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