Yoga to Elevate Your Mood

Everybody has some days that they just aren’t feeling their best. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you don’t know what to do to get yourself feeling normal and happy again. One of the best things you can do is create a sort of defense system for yourself against prolonged negative and disheartening feelings. Some people like to meditate, some like to hit the gym, but today we’re talking about how you can use yoga to elevate your mood.

Yoga is an incredible mood booster for multiple reasons and some of them may surprise you. It is a mixture of both meditation/mindfulness and exercise which are two of the most common methods of emotional and mental control. Mixing the two methods together can have an incredible affect and sometimes even an instant affect. So, let’s get started.

As you probably already know exercise makes you feel good. It makes you feel good for a few reasons but the main one is because it makes your brain release feel good chemicals such as endorphins. Yoga does this as well. If you partake in more rigorous styles such as a flow or ashtanga vinyasa or even a hot yoga class, you can easily get the benefits of exercise.

In addition to the exercise related benefits of yoga on your mood, there is also the benefits of meditation as well. There really is something incredible about letting go of your worries and repetitive thinking that will soothe your soul on a dramatic level. If you’re stuck in a low mood you really should try using yoga as a way of focusing on the present moment and just your breathing. Next time you are feeling low, try doing a sun salutation and listening carefully to your breath. It will slow down your rapid thinking and help you break out of your repetitive though processes. It’s so easy to get caught up with over thinking and negative thinking; focusing on just one thing really can solve that issue.

There are also specific poses that are great for lifting your mood. Generally speaking, most “heart openers” are a great option for elevating your emotions. It’s a simple and easy way to hack your brain into thinking you feel the way that your body is positioned. Body language is so important for that reason. Testosterone levels even lift when you stand confidently with your arms/legs up or open. Heart openers are considered any pose that creates an opening in your chest. Backbends of any kind are great but even laying in savasana (corpse pose) is incredible. Avoid poses that are closed such as child’s pose or forward fold.

If those reasons aren’t enough for you, there is always the benefit of just doing something that you love. Like shopping for for a pair of athletic leggings… if you need to. There are already so many things in life that are draining and are taking up your valuable time but don’t make you happy. Taking a break in your day to do something that you love really can be just what you need.

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